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Bio: The Amish Buffalo

The Amish Buffalo, otherwise known as Neil Bradshaw in real life, has been smashing the retro scene since 2017. After a long hiatus from gaming, he bought a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B kit off Amazon which sat on his couch for three weeks. When he opened it up and put RetroPie on it, his brain nearly exploded. Since then he's been super active in the retro community currently administrating or moderating a number of retro gaming groups on Facebook. He also was a tester for ORA Retropie and is now on Team ROTT.

"Retro gaming is a passion to me. I went from nothing to 25 consoles hooked up to my television and owning a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, ASUS Tinker Board S, and ODROID-XU4 in no time and I use them all. Gaming is a release for me; it gets rid of the stress of daily life and helps me process things going through my brain. I'm extremely happy to be on Team ROTT now and look forward to the epic growth ROTT is experiencing. I love the ASUS Tinker Board because of its raw power and matching form factor to the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. It's my hope that by serving my current role I can bring cohesion to the project and help it experience epic growth. I have a B.S. in Management/Computer Information Systems and a MBA in Project Management so I see ROTT as my own personal project to manage with my education. I have the best interests of the user in mind all the time."

"It's my genuine hope that as I become more involved with ROTT I can revitalize my scripting and coding experience and make the jump from tester to developer. I have heavy Java programming experience and I've been using Linux for 22 years since I was a teenager. These are my other goals for the project. A lot of this will take self determination but I'm up for it. All that aside though, my position serving the web and communication purposes with the group are viewed by me as being priority number one. I do not want to see the project lose cohesion and become a hot mess. Keep it organized and don't overly complicate it. These are my principles."

"Besides all that I'm a normal guy in real life. I have a wife and three kids and sell supplementary health insurance policies. I am an Apple nutcase and do most of my work on a Mac. I do have Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows computers on my desk and use them all; I don't use Apples because I don't understand computers. It's just a personal preference. When I'm not working or gaming I enjoy side projects. It's my ultimate goal to embrace the Steve Jobs philosophy on life and be a game changer in life as a whole as well as be one of the rebels that can change the world because he believes he can."

"Thank you for your interest in ROTT. Go get yourself a Tinker Board or Tinker Board S! Game on!"

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